Winter Boat Storage Vernon BC

Winter boat storage is one the most important investments you can make in maintaining the value and life of your boat.

Did you know that leaving your boat out on the driveway over winter can result in costly damage to your boat from water and ice if it is not stored properly? As an example, if even a little bit of rainwater is allowed inside your boat it will freeze and expand potentially causing damage to whatever surface it is around. You wouldn’t want the freezing and thawing to rip apart seating material or get into the deck causing expensive damage.

Allow Seasonal Home Solutions to provide winter boat storage for you as part of our high level boat service.

Your boat needs to be protected in the off season to ensure that you maximize the joy that it brings you and your family and friends. No matter what the size or the value is, your boat can be stored either inside or outside.

We will arrange proper winter boat storage including winterizing and shrink-wrapping. We even offer towing services to ensure that your boat gets from A to B safely and securely.

Don’t fear winter and contact us now for more information about winter boat storage!

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Gelcoat repairs and detailing
Canvas and upholstery repair
Winter boat storage and summerizing
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