Summerizing Vernon BC

Seasonal Home Solutions provides a variety of trouble-free boating services.

Whether you live in the Okanagan valley or vacation here, we offer a wide range of boat services customized to your specific needs!

Summerize and Winter Boat Storage

Need to have your boat winterized or ready to go for summer?

Want long term or short term boat storage in the Okanagan?

Check out our winter boat storage services!

Tow Service

Want to avoid the headaches and hassles of towing your boat and parking your trailer?

Want to have your boat filled up and ready to go when you show up?

Imagine having your boat towed out of storage, gassed up and ready to go as you head into town for your vacation. We will even pack it up and put it away when you leave! No more worrying about towing or headaches getting out of town on time because of your boat. Let us take care of it for you.

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